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Motorola V325 Troubleshooting

The Motorola V325 is a "clam shell" design phone, featuring VZ Navigator - Verizon's newest network offering at the time of release (the first quarter of 2006).

Phone Won't Charge

Your phone will not charge.

Frozen Phone

If your phone freezes while connecting the charger, simply turn off the phone before charging it. Please note that you will have to turn off the phone every time you charging it.

Unauthorized Charger

If your phone displays "unauthorized charger" when the charger is connected, then try reconnecting the charger and it should fix the problem.

Bad Internal Charger

If your phone does not charge and does not have any of the problems listed above, then your phone may have a faulty charger circuit. Please refer to the repair manual on this site to fix this problem.

Motorola V325 Logic Board Replacement

Ring Lights Menu Options Have Disappeared

Your phone's ring lights menu has no options besides "none".

If your phone's ring lights menu originally had options but they disappeared, then you can get the options to reappear again by plugging in the charger then selecting the ring lights menu. If that does not work, try restarting your phone. If all else fails, then your phone might require a software update. Software updates can be done phone at a Verizon store free of charge.

Phone Won't Turn On

Your phone does not turn on.

Dead Battery

If your phone does not turn on, there may be a problem with the battery. The battery may be out of power or defective. Charge the battery fully, then check if you can turn on the phone. If the phone still does not turn on, then the battery is defective and should be replaced. The battery can be purchased at any Verizon store.

Bad Battery Connection

If your phone does not turn on, the battery and the phone may not be properly connected. Check to see if the battery is properly inserted in the phone.Please click on the link below to see the proper connection of a battery.

Bad Circuit/Transceiver Board

If your phone does not turn on after trying the other methods above, you may have a faulty circuit or transceiver board. Please refer to the repair manual on this site to replace the circuit or transceiver board also known as the logic board.

Motorola V325 Logic Board Replacement

Headset Has Little To No Sound When Plugged In

The sound coming from the headset is either very weak or nonexistent.

Loose Headset Connection

If you are getting no audio or very low audio while using a headset then the headset jack may not be fully pushed in. Check to see if it is completely in by trying to push it further in. If it won't go in any farther then it properly connected.

Bad Jack Socket On Transceiver Board

If your headset is still receiving little to no audio after trying the solution above, then your phone may have a faulty headset jack. Please refer to the repair manual on this site to to replace the logic board.

Motorola V325 Logic Board Replacement

Vibrator Feature On The Phone Doesn't Work

The phone no longer vibrates when receiving calls while the vibrate setting is on.

Faulty Vibrator Motor

If the phone does not vibrate when receiving calls, the motor or the assembly is defective. The vibrator is very difficult to replace (requires de-soldering) and you may need to take it into the store to have it fixed.

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