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Frozen myTouch 3G

myTouch 3G has become unresponsive

myTouch is Frozen On

The device freezes at an image of what you last did and unresponsive to any of your current commands.

Restarting the phone would usually solve the issue. If the power button does not work, try removing and reinserting the battery. Then try turning the device back on.

If the phone is still unresponsive. Restarting the phone is not working: either it keeps shutting down, or it is stuck at the HTC start-up screen. Then the phone may require a hard reset.

Note: All data on HTC myTouch 3G will be deleted during the hard reset. Data on microSD card will not be deleted.

Please refer to the HTC community hard reset guide, or read the brief steps below.

  1. Power off the phone
  2. Press and hold the End button and the Home button at the same time for 30 seconds.
  3. Release and Press the End button and the Home button again at the same time when a warning sign appears on the screen.
  4. Finally use the trackball to select Wipe data/factory reset.
  5. Finish by selecting Reboot System.

Shattered/Broken Screen

A shattered or broken screen should not mean a shattered heart. There is still hope for the phone.

A new LCD display screen is usually needed when images are not displayed correctly, or if the phone has recently been dropped causing the display to go completely white or leaking ink splashes.

A replacement myTouch 3G screen is not expensive. Once a new part is ordered, remove the defective or broken screen and replace it with a new screen.

If there is noticeable damage to the glass digitizer (outside glass), or if touch screen functions do not operate as wanted; then it needs to be replaced.

The glass digitizer is usually cheaper than the LCD display screen, and can also be replaced by opening up the phone.

In-call volume on the other end is low

The person on the other end of the line can barely hear you.

Low Signal or Low Volume

The in-call volume of the recipient can be low without him or her knowing. Have the person on the other line check their in-call volume. This may often be confused with media volume on the volume up or down buttons on some phones. For example, the person on the other line may have set media volume high, but did not raise in-call volume in his or her settings menu. Have him or her check the settings menu.

The other cause may be due to bad signal on either ends of the line during conversation. This can also cause choppy sound quality.

Try contacting your phone service provider, or taking a phone call outside instead of inside a building.

If low or no signal persists, consider replacing the antenna of the myTouch 3G.

Dirty/Broken Microphone

If there are frequent comments about your voice seeming distant or faint, then the microphone should be the problem. All that is left is to determine if your microphone needs replacing. This can be determined by testing the microphone after cleaning it first. If problem persists, then microphone may be damaged.

Open up the phone to clean the microphone, or replace it.

Unfortunately, the microphone is mounted to the surface of the circuit board within the phone. Replacing the microphone, means replacing the whole circuit board.

Trackball is unresponsive

The trackball on your phone is now just a fun finger treadmill.

The trackball has a darker shade than from when it was first received. Also, dirt particles can be spotted around the trackball housing area. The dirt can impede the readability of the movements by the trackball onto the phone.

Open up the phone and clean it gently.

After the trackball was cleaned, the phone is still not reading the trackball movements. The trackball component can be faulty or broken, so it needs to be replaced; unless, you like those finger exercises.

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