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Dynex DX-WBRDVD1 troubleshooting

Dynex Blu-ray Player identified by the model number DX-WBDVD1

Failure To Power Up

Device will not power on.

External Power Surges

If the device fails to turn on or turns off unexpectedly it may be from power surges. Check that the device is plugged into a surge protector.

Faulty Power Cord Connection

The power cord may be damaged or have slipped out of the wall. Examine your cord for any fraying, especially near the device and near the end of the cord. Check the plug in for a secure connection.

The Power Supply Board May Be Damaged

If the player does not turn on, the Power Supply Board may be damaged. Check the fuses on the Power Supply Board. Also, check for any damage to the Power Supply Board. Power board replacement guide

Remote Doesn’t Work

The remote does not turn on the device, change input settings, or make any selections.

Remote Buttons Are Stuck

If the remote is physically damaged it may need to be replaced.

Battery Issues

The batteries in the remote control might be faulty or dead. To fix this problem replace the batteries with new ones.

Wrong Remote Control Settings

Settings may be wrong on the TV, or Blu-ray player.

If the remote doesn't work with the DVD player the Mode settings on the TV might need to be changed. If this doesn't work read the manufacturer's device guide for your universal remote for further instructions.

Failure to Play DVDs

The device will not read or play discs.

Broken or Defective Optical Lens

The optical lens is what reads the DVD in order to play it. If the optical lens is broken or defective, replace it with this guide. Optical Drive Replacement Guide

Dirty Optical Lens

If the optical lens is dirty the device will not be able to play DVDs. To clean the optical lens, follow this guide Cleaning the Optical Drive.

Device Is Overheating

Device will shut off randomly or display an over heating error message.

Dust In Vent Or Fan

Players will over heat due to the build up of dust in the cooling fan or vent. Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust out.

Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard is where all the DVD players main parts are connected to one another. If the player does not turn on or respond there is a chance the motherboard needs replacement. Motherboard replacement guide

Not Connecting To BD Live

The device is having issues connecting to BD Live.

Device shows “No Network Connection” To BD Live

This feature may no longer be available. If the content has been discontinued, a network connection error will occur.

Connect USB Flash Drive

Failure to connect a USB flash drive for storage of BD live content may result in an error message.

Broken WiFi Antenna

If the WiFi antenna is broken, the Blu-ray player will not connect to the internet. If the antenna is visibly broken it will need replacement. To replace it follow this guide Antenna replacement guide


i can speak english a little

i have 42” tv and video is ok but do not sound

i use hdmi cable and ndivia card.

my computer sound driver is realtek high definition audio.

do not sound when i connect aux cable between computer and tv

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