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Digital2 Platinum Pad 9 Troubleshooting

An Android tablet with dual core processor, and a 9 inch screen with 1024x600 resolution. The model number is D2-963G_MB.

The screen does not register someone touching it. or when touching it is not aligned

The screen can sometimes get dirt on it, this will cause the screen to not register someone touching it. If you have a case remove the case, then lightly wipe the screen with a dry clean cloth.

Most of the time when your device stops responding to touch all you need to do is restart your Digital2 tablet. Hold the power button for at least 10 seconds so it forces it to shut off. Leave it alone for a minute or two then turn on your device. Then recharge your tablet.

You will remove the screen protector and case from the tablet, if you have them. Now lightly tap on each corner of your screen in order to realign the touchscreen.

The volume buttons not changing the volume when pressed.

In some cases dirt may get trapped in the location underneath the button . In that case take a small clean cloth and try to get and dirt or debris out of the buttons.

If there are broken or missing buttons you can replace them by following this guide.

If all else fails then there may be a problem with the hardware connected to the buttons. They will need to be replaced, follow the guide here to replace it.

When headphones are plugged in little to no sound can be heard.

In some cases your headphone jack may get bent not allow headphones to correctly be seated in the jack causing a faulty connection thus should be replaced. You can replace it if you follow this guide here.

The connection in the tablet might be loose, if it is loose the headphones will play little to no sound out of them when plugged in. If that is the case, get it replaced by following the steps here.

There is physical problem with the screen.

You can see a visible crack in the screen. The screen can be easily replaced if you purchase a new screen and follow this guide here.

Speakers aren't projecting enough sound.

If the sound coming from your tablet is muffled or distorted you may have dust buildup in your speakers follow this guide here to remove them. Once they are removed wipe them with a clean dry cloth.

If there is absolutely no sound coming from your tablet there may be a problem with the sound card. It may have to be replaced.

If all else fails and the speakers will not work no matter what you do then it is time to replace them. you can easily replace them if you follow this guide here.

Tablet wont charge or hold a charge

In some cases the actual cable will be all that's broken and you will need to go out and buy a new cable.

If your tablet will not retain its charge for a long period of time then there may be a problem with the battery. You can find a guide to replace it here.

Camera is taking blurry pictures or none at all

If your camera is taking blurry photos there may be dirt on the lens. In this case take a dry cloth and carefully clean the camera.

If the camera is broken pictures will not get taken at all. if that is the case please follow the repair guide here for the front facing camera or here for the rear facing camera.

How do you allow Power Battery. to allow your current position?

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