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Bose QuietComfort 25 Troubleshooting

Released September 2014, can be identified by model number 715053-0010.

Headphones Will Not Power On

Headphones are not responsive when the power switch is in the on position.

Faulty Battery

If the battery is installed and the battery life indicator does not light, remove, inspect, and replace the AAA battery. The battery terminal is located on the top of the right side earphone. Ensure the battery is inserted to the correct polarity, positive (+) pointing downward and negative (-) pointing upward. The power indicator should glow green when the headphones are in proper working condition.

Faulty Battery Compartment

If the battery is new and has been inserted with the correct polarity, and the headphones still do not power on, there may be excess dust or debris in the battery compartment. Use compressed air to blow any dust or debris out of the battery compartment. The power indicator should glow green when the headphones are in proper working condition; if the indicator light still does not glow green, use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the contacts.

Noise Cancelling Not Working

Audio is working well, but the noise cancelling feature is not functioning.

Volume on Audio Device is not in Sync

If the headphones are powered on, correctly plugged in, but the noise cancelling is not functioning, take care to make sure that the volume dial is not muted. If the in-remote is set to your desired volume yet still does not provide your preferred volume, ensure that the audio device is turned on and the volume of the audio device is not muted.

Incorrect Cord Connection

Ensure that the headphones are connected properly. The headphones may be improperly connected, or the connection may have come loose. Remove and reset both ends of the headphone connector. Ensure that the auxiliary cord ports are clear of debris that would hinder connection.

Incorrect Volume Setting

If the volume coming from the headphones is either too loud or too quiet, your first step should be to inspect the in-line remote. Set the in-line remote to the highest setting and use the volume controls on the audio device to set the volume to your desired setting.

Audio Cable Not in Working Condition

Check the condition of the audio cable. If the cord is not in working condition (frayed), you may need to replace the cord or wrap it with electrical tape.

Audio Coming From Only One Side

The audio from the headphones is only being emitted from one side.

Balance Level is Off

If the audio is only being emitted from one side of the headphones, the balance level might be off. To determine this, you will have to check the balance level of the audio device. If the audio device has balance level adjustment, it may be adjusted incorrectly. Make sure to adjust it to a middle level.

Improper Connection

Be sure that the headphones are connected properly. The cable cord may have come loose or is improperly connected. Ensure that there is do debris blocking the port and stopping the connection. Remove and reset the cable jacks on both ends.

Microphone Not Working

The voice control feature on the in-remote is not responding.

Incompatible Device

If the voice control feature on the in-remote does not respond to your voice, you may not be using the headphones with compatible devices. Refer to the owner's manual of the Bose QuietComfort 25 to ensure that you are using a compatible device. If you are using a compatible device and the voice control still does not respond, the cable cord may have to be replaced.

Improper Connection

If the microphone feature is not working, the connection of the cable cord may be incomplete. Check to make sure both ends of the cable cord are properly connected. Make sure there is no loose debris blocking the cable ports.

Audio is Bad Quality (Static) or Not Being Given

The audio is either not being emitted by the headphones or is intermittent.

An Issue with the Audio Jack

If there is excessive static coming from the speakers, don't start taking apart your headphones just yet. The problem could be a problem with the audio jack on the headphones. The easiest way to test this is to plug the headphones into another device. If the static no longer occurs, the connection may be faulty. You may need to repair your speakers if the static remains.

Broken Speakers

If the speakers are broken but the audio is chopped or broken, the speakers may be broken; This can happen over time or occur due to high volume strains. To fix this problem, replacement speakers will have to be found and installed.

Awesome!!! Cleaned with cotton stick and alcohol and light is on now'!!!

Debby Kang - Replica

Use cotton stick with alcohol to clean the compartment. Light is on!!! Awesome!

Debby Kang - Replica

Not sure of my problem. But when I try to play music with the noise cancelling on I cannot hear anything. I replaced the battery and the light is green. However now sound comes on. Sound quality is fine and normal if I dont switch on the noise cancelling capability.. Any suggestions?

Ahmed Abid - Replica

I have an issue where sometimes noise only plays from one side, I need to start playing a bit with the headphone and press on the ear area to get the sound back on the other side (cables are plugged-in correctly and working). Any ideas on how to fix this?

Lavinia Speeckaert - Replica

I’ve added this elsewhere, but it’s worth mentioning that many QC25s have a known defect (there are many people reporting this on the Bose forums and elsewhere) where one or the other speaker driver stops working suddenly. This can be distinguished from other issues from the fact that:

1. One side keeps working

2. Pressing the broken side against your head may restore partial function while pressing, and / or result in crackling noises

3. Noise cancelling as well as audio stop working on that side (if it’s just audio, it’s likely a cable issue instead)

If you have these symptoms, it is well worth contacting Bose via phone. Even if you are out of warranty, they will initially offer a replacement with a new unit for $135. I complained about the fact that this a known defect and a lot of money given what I had originally paid for the units, and they dropped the replacement charge to $71 and free shipping. They claim that the replacement units are newly manufactured (not refurbished) and the defect has been fixed.

bob - Replica

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