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Acer Chromebook CB3-111-C8UB Troubleshooting

The laptop screen is unresponsive, black, or cracked.

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. If the computer screen does not respond but various lights on the computer light up, then the screen is faulty. If the screen is visibly cracked and the screen lights turn off, the screen is faulty.

If your screen is faulty, please refer to this guide for the screen replacement.

The keys on the keyboard are unresponsive or missing altogether.

If you are using a separate keyboard USB/Wireless, make sure the keyboard is connected via USB/Bluetooth correctly. If it is connected properly and still doesn't respond, your computer may have software problems.

If a single key is missing/unresponsive, there may be dirt under the key or a single key is faulty and needs to be replaced. Please refer to this guide for replacing keys.

Pressing the power button elicits no response from the Chromebook whatsoever; it does not power on.

Plug your Chromebook into the power outlet using the Chromebook's power cord. If your Chromebook is out of battery, the Chromebook will not be able to turn on and operate.

If plugging in the Chromebook does not cause the power light to turn on, then the problem may be a faulty battery. If this is the case, please refer to this guide in order to replace your battery.

The Chromebook is on but the mouse cursor does not move/respond to sliding on the touchpad.

First check if the mouse cursor on the Chromebook works and is not a result of the computer's software settings. Plug an external USB mouse into the Chromebook and check to see if the mouse cursor works/moves. If it doesn't move, then there is a problem with the computer mouse cursor settings.

If plugging in an external USB mouse into the Chromebook successfully works/moves the mouse cursor, then the touchpad is faulty. Please refer to this guide in order to replace your touchpad.

The audio jack on your Chromebook is not working. When you plug in headphones into your audio jack, no sound is heard.

Check to make sure that the faulty audio is not due to the headphones themselves.

If your headphones are not the cause of the problem, then you will need to replace the audio jack. Please refer to this guide in order to replace your audio jack.

Your section "Faulty Audio Jack" has odd grammar. (i) Fix it.

Joe Kennedy - Replica

Clever word play there, Mr. Kennedy. All joe-king aside, iFixed the sentence structure for you. Joe-veral, I'm impressed with your attention to detail. Thanks for your help!

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