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Laptop is having battery or power issues:

The laptop is not turning on when the on button is pressed, or will not fully charge.

Battery Isn't Detected

Make sure your battery is properly positioned, if not, follow our guide in reverse order for correct installation instructions. If this does not fix the problem, you should ensure there are no bent pins where the battery is placed.

Drained or Bad Battery

If your battery is properly position, but is not charged, plug in the power cord to charge the battery. After plugging in the computer wait a few seconds, and then turn on your laptop. Once the computer has had around 20 minutes to charge, remove the power cord and restart the computer. If the computer restarts properly the battery is holding a charge. If not, follow our guide on how to replace the battery.

Laptop is overheating:

The laptop is hot to the touch and is running slowly.

Too Many Programs Running

It is common for a laptop to overheat when it is being overworked. To check if this is the case, close all open programs and restart the laptop. If the sound of the fan decreases after a few minutes, your problem has been solved. If your laptop overheats and turns off but the fan doesn’t turn on, try the following solutions.

Fan Not Functioning

If you don't hear the fan running, this may mean that the fan processor is not functioning and you may need to replace it. You may be able to feel airflow from the laptop’s vent if it is functioning properly.

Clogged Fan Processor

The fan may get clogged and stop functioning due to a collection of dust. To fix this first unplug all cables and remove the plastic cover. Blow compressed air into the fan and remove all the dust. Place the cover back on and reconnect all cables.

Note: To avoid this, place your laptop on hard surfaces to allow air from the fan to properly ventilate.

Laptop is running slowly:

The laptop isn't performing as well as it used to and crashes more often.

All Available Memory is in Use

If your computer is slow and having trouble performing it might be a RAM issue. To check this press and hold CTRL+ALT+Delete, select the task manager and click on the performance tab. This will display your computer’s memory usage. Restarting the laptop will reset the memory usage. If your memory is still full, follow our RAM replacement guide.

Hard Drive Full

If the entire space of the hard drive is full, programs will operate slower, and the overall speed and performance of your processors will decrease. You can check the used space of your hard drive by clicking on the computer tab in the control panel or documents page. Then, at the bottom it will display how much memory has been used and how much ‘free space’ you have left on your Hard Drive. If the hard drive is full, you may need to remove programs and files, or you may be required to replace it with a larger Hard Drive. Follow our guide for replacing the Hard Drive if this is the case.

The CD/DVD Drive is having reading problems:

A CD or DVD inserted into the CD/DVD Drive is not detected or read.

CD/ DVD Incorrectly Oriented

When using the CD/DVD Drive, make sure the disk you are using is oriented correctly (correct side facing up). You can follow our guides to remove the CD/DVD Drive, and replace it with a new one or clean it for better use.

CD/DVD Drive Wont Close

Ensure that the CD/DVD Drive is closing all the way (should click into position.) If it is not closing properly there maybe a small item causing the drive to stick. Use a flashlight to make sure the optical drives path is clear, and try closing it. If this does not work you will need to replace or clean the CD/DVD Drive, follow our CD/DVD Drive replacement guide.

The keyboard is not working:

One or multiple keys on your laptop are not functioning properly or at all.

Dirty Keyboard

If a specific key on the keyboard is not registering on the computer, you may have something inhibiting the key stroke. To clear the keyboard of particles, dust it off with canned air. If the key still does not register, you will need to replace your keyboard. Follow our guide to see how to remove and replace the keyboard safely.

Loose Connection

If the entire keyboard is not working, it could be due to a loose connection. The keyboard can be removed and re-connected, or replaced all together. Follow our guide to see how to remove the keyboard safely.

The computer is unable to connect to WiFi:

The computer cannot access the Internet via WiFi connection.

Poor WiFi Connection

If WiFi is unavailable for connection or continuously drops signal, it may be an issue with the network itself. Try moving the computer closer to the WiFi router or restart the router and try connecting again.

Computer Does Not Connect to Network

If the WiFi network is operating properly for other devices but the computer is unable to connect, the issue may lie in the computer itself. Try troubleshooting the WiFi using the Windows Network Diagnostics program. If the computer is still unable to connect to WiFi, follow our Wireless WiFi Card replacement guide.

The Laptop is Experiencing Problems Generating Graphics

The laptop is experiences crashes, gives a temporary black screen frequently, blue screen, or has loud fan noises.

Bad Graphics Card

The problems mentioned can all come from a graphics card being overworked. The problems will be more frequent or severe while the computer is performing more difficult tasks: such as playing a game, or rendering 3D graphics . If you are having problems, you can update your graphics card to the newest version to possibly fix the issue; in contrast, sometimes reverting to an older version using NVidia's driver archives. Sometimes a new graphics card will do more harm than good, so it is recommended that you replace it with original equipment if doing so. You may use our guide to learn how to replace your graphics card, or to ensure your card is properly seated where it belongs and free of dust.

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