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Shaina Ortiz the Founder of Device Savers and Parts Savers, also President of Device Institute of Tampa, has been called a real muse in the Technology Hardware repair world. Her Company has maintained the highest standards of business practices in Electronic Consumer Repairs since 2009, winning awards and being recognized by the media and many social platforms.

Equally Shaina founded this Company with the saying in mind, “I grew up in a generation, family and time where if it was broken you had to fix it.”

She has been responsible for many leading roles, both as a current Business Owner and as an Executive for many other companies. She understands the importance of Development/ Training and the execution of long-term strategy and short-term day-to-day plans with management. She hold an open view of future progress and a clear understanding of how social-media platforms will impact our future investments as well as hold modern companies more accountable. She fully plan to engage her repair consumers into the future social aspect of the Repair Revolution.

On the side Shaina is fully engaged in her community, supporting many different groups and organizations such as Metropolitan Ministry, Salvation Army, TEAL, ASPCA, #HashTagLunchBag, Like A Girl Campaign, and many other charitable event and movements. She believes sharing repair is part of the sharing generation.

Specialties: Technology Wholesale, Technology Training and Development, Technology Refurbishment & Tech Second Life Support, Technology Management and Leadership, Information Technology, Technical Liaison, Technical Support, Drone & UVA Repair, Telecommunication Specialist, Wireless-Communications, System Support, Microsoft Support, Apple Support, Samsung Support, HTC Support, Data-Communications, Solutions/Service in Technology Sale, Technology System Administrator, Logistics Solutions, Device Management, Technology, International and Domestic Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Bundle Shipping, Device Quality Control, E-Waste Preservation, Recycling.

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