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Worked with Macs since before many of my customers were even born :-) Back to 1987 and Mac IIcx and SE, SCSI, PlainTalk, Ethertalk, coaxial 10-baseT Ethernet, Hayes modems. 1Mb of RAM costing £100, mono laser printers at £4000, 100Gb external drive at £350. Fitted more SSDs to Macs that you could shake a stick at. Great platform to work with, good community of knowledgable helpful folk to access and to offer my tuppence-worth to. Born Donegal, Ireland. 66 years ago. 1 wife, 1 cat, 1 dog. Ridiculous amount of Macs and spares. PS I have access to a very knowledgable electronics repair engineer for those in the UK reading this.

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