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@Time I am working on my new CleanID Project, wich makes Apple Computer 3-30X faster;)

I work with Apple since 25 Years so ask my clients if they want to see a certificate;)

I do Apple based Trainings too, ofer 20 Years, so its going to be a bit difficult for me to find a good Teacher;)

So don´t be shocked that my Certificates are, - lets say, - a bit old.

Maybe I come over laters and post a Vimeo Link of my latest work, - you will like it;)


Robert Hirschbeck

Head of Project CleanID.


Apple Hardware Developer.

Apple Directory Administrator.

Robert Hirschbeck

CleanMachine Mobile

+49 (15255) 862742 iPhone

+49 911 367611 VoiceMail

+49 911 367657 eFax

FaceTime & eMail = Web 2.0

Robert Hirschbeck – Google+ = Web 3.0:) = Web 2.5