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At Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I have developed a love for programming and engineering the years through programming robots, and using coding languages to create a variety of programs. I also have a love for all sports including but not limited to baseball and fishing. I have lots of volunteer and community service under my belt in helping my community. I have had multiple jobs in renting boats, lifeguarding and being an activities associate for a resort. I am excited to get prepared for my career so I can program computers and help people all around the world.

  • School - Embry Riddle
  • Major— I chose this major because I have passion for programming and learning all the uses of computer programming
  • Aspirations—I hope to make a career making programs for a large company(no idea which one).
  • Skills—In playing sports my whole life I’ve always been a team player and have learned what it takes to be a leader and have a good work ethic.
  • Accolades—I have won VIP awards from a variety of sports I’ve played. I have also received the Academic Scholar award in Highschool as a Senior Graduating from Basis Peoria
  • Groups/memberships—I have recently become interested in joining a Climbing and Robotics club
  • Hobbies—I like to play sports, and do lots of outdoor activities including camping, snowboarding, tubing, etc.