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Hello! My name is Kristen Nasta. I am a junior at Marist College.

  • Education
    • My major is in fashion design and I have two minors which are product development and professional writing. I chose to go into fashion design because I am much more of a creative person than anything else and I absolutely love to design and create garments for people to wear.
  • Aspirations
    • My dream is to one day own my own clothing line and hopefully be able to collaborate with other designers that I have admired for a long time. I do also have a passion for writing so I would also like to have experiences in the future where I can work as a fashion journalist and write for major magazines and report for shows like NYFW.
  • Skills
    • I do know how to sew and construct garments which I feel will be valuable skills to know for this project as well as being in the ifixit team.
    • I also know how to create digital prototypes and I have experience in creating instructions for people to follow like for example, how to sew a skirt.


Block Image


Block Image
  • These are two garments that I have designed and created. The plaid top is a button down and the pink shirt is a garment that I had laser cut the cutouts into.
  • Projects
    • The project that I am most proud of is when I designed and created my own skirt last semester. For this project, I was able to create my own garment from the first stage of drawing it on paper, all the way to constructing it and putting it on a model. This was by far the most time consuming and difficult project that I have worked on, but it was incredibly rewarding in the end. Seeing my skirt on the model was one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced and I felt so proud of myself when I was finished. This project allowed me to work on my time management skills, problem solving skills, and challenging myself to figure out how to do something on my own that I had never done before.
  • Repair Experience
    • I have very minimal skills in repairing things. I have repaired ripped garments and old pair of shoes, but I have never explored with fixing devices or appliances of any kind.
  • Hobbies
    • When I am not in the studio doing work, I enjoy cooking/baking, spending time with friends, and reading.
  • My goal for this project is to hopefully contribute to ifixit’s mission of reducing waste and helping people learn how to fix their own appliances in order to build a more sustainable future. While I may not have the most extensive experience with repairing things, I hope that I will learn new skills that I can use to become more experienced in not only repairing things, but helping others learn as well.