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I am a junior at UMass Dartmouth in the electrical engineering department. I someday hope to work remotely from a catamaran somewhere in the Caribbean. I have been told that I have a knack for fixing anything that’s broken. I’ve been forced to fix anything that broke for years. Recently, I had too much to drink with my father-in-law and when I got home I was asked to fix the cloths dryer. I don’t remember working on it but it still works almost a year later.  I’ve fixed cars, appliances, electronics, machinery, and whatever my wife breaks when she’s mad at me.

I don’t have any accolades but I once got a pair of socks as a gift from my kids. They are the main group that I hang out with. We do all sorts of stuff together for instance, my oldest daughter and I are going halfs on a car for drifting this summer. I promised her that I would install the kicker into her car so this project came at a perfect time.