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School - Grand Valley State University

Computer Science Major - I have always had an interest in coding and computer software so I am pursuing a Computer Science Major.

Aspirations - I would like to be a Software engineer or a Controls engineer for a company after I graduate college.

Skills - Experience with the following programming languages: Java, C, C++, C#, LabVIEW, Python, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Bash, Visual Basic, Assembly, PLC Ladder Logic. I also have experience using the following CAD programs: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, FreeCAD, OnShape.

Achievements - I have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.

My Projects - I built a 3d printer several years ago from a kit and use that quite a bit.

Repair experience - I often repair my car. (I drive a 2006 Ford Mustang) I also have experience building computers as well as electronics experience (soldering, etc)

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Above you can see the rear differential in my car. I replaced the gear that were a 3.31 ratio with a 4.10 ratio for better acceleration. This involved taking the rear differential apart, changing the gears and shimming the whole thing so that the gears line up correctly. Here you can see me checking that the gears are lining up correctly with the yellow paint on the gears. You put the paint on and turn it to see where the contact patch is on the teeth. It looks pretty bad in this picture!

Groups - I am a part of the GVSU Computing Club

Hobbies - Playing guitar, working on my car and riding my dirt bike.

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Above you can see my guitar. It is a 1986(ish) Kramer Focus 3000 which is more or less a knockoff of a Fender Stratocaster. My dad bought this when he was in college and gifted it to me when I started playing guitar!

This project relates to me since - I used to always repair broken laptops and resell them when I was younger so this project is something that relates to me pretty well.