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Hi! My name is Christopher Michaels. I am a freshman at Embry Riddle - Prescott.


I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering - Propulsion. I chose this major because I am interested in rockets and I wanna learn more about them. I have always wanted to be an engineer and I thought I just needed to choose a direction. At Boulder Creek High School I was an A and B student. At Embry Riddle I strive to do better or the same.


I want to be an engineer. I don’t know what exact job I want or what company I will work for, but hopefully by junior/senior year I will have enough information to make that decision. I hope to get a full time job by the end of my senior year at Embry Riddle. I also plan to get at least one internship over the summer during my sophomore or junior year.


Last semester we had the robot project where we had to make a robot out of Lego kits. The objective was to traverse through some obstacles, pickup as many balls, and drop them off in a box at the end of the course. This was a fun project and I learned how to go through the engineering design process and come up with a final product. I also learned how to make a PDR and CDR.

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(Robot Fall 2020)

Another project that I had was my senior year in high school. My idea was to make a better skateboard lock. I was in the middle of building the final product and then the pandemic hit. Right now I am in a CAD design class and one of our projects is to design a solution to a problem. Hopefully I can complete my project from senior year and design a better solution.

Repair Experience

I wouldn’t consider myself a repair person. I do help my dad build stuff and I do change parts on things like my skateboard. The only thing I have repaired was my wires on my truck. When I connected the trailer to my truck, the lights on the trailer didn’t work. I don’t really know much about cars or wiring, but with a little research and tools I got it fixed.


  • Embry Riddle Presidential Scholarship


I like to skateboard, play videogames, watch movies, hangout with friends, going to the lake, and hiking.

(My skateboard with some of my favorite albums)

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This project will help me learn what to look for in writing and how to read them correctly. Once I get a job, there will be plenty of emails and papers that I will have to read and understand. This project will make me think in a different way and help me in the future when there are problems I don’t know how to fix.

Fun Fact: My favorite bands/artists are Korn, Slipknot, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, The Pixies, Alice in Chains, Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Joji.

I’m looking forward to this project. Thank you for reading my biography.