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I am a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Astronautics, and I am currently on the Dean’s List and a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


I am a FIRST Robotics Alumni and was president my senior year at my high school. We competed at various schools and won various awards throughout my 4 years. Below is a picture of a chassis I built from a manual and one of our robots being show to the community!

Block Image
Block Image
Block Image

We won at the AZ Sanghi Foundation in 2019!

I have also gained many achievements in my academic career such as:

  • Rosie the Riveter Award
  • Student of the Month
  • Dean’s List at Embry-Riddle
  • Acceptance into the National Society of High School Scholars
  • Acceptance into the National Honor Society
  • Scholarships of various amounts towards college

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