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Hello! My name is Nathan McKinney, a junior at Carson-Newman University majoring in Accounting with a minor in Professional Writing. However, I have walked many paths in both my extended time as a student, as well as through life experience. As a husband and homeowner I often find myself working towards fixing appliances, machines, and even our cars with little to no prior experience. I have no fear to tackle any of these projects because in this day and age, you kind find all of the relevant information needed to walk you through almost anything. With that being said, this is why I love the thought of working here with iFixit as both a student and a hobbyist. I cannot wait to be a part of helping others work their way through fixing things themselves!


  • Quick learner
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • IT prowess
  • Operation of high-end camera equipment and streaming services
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Projects and Accomplishments

  • I have built my own, as well as four other DIY personal computers for gaming and video production
  • Worked as an IT Specialist to help setup the best possible WiFi network solution for a friend’s business utilizing access points, multiple network switches, and a business grade router, thus allowing business operations to flow much more smoothly from there on out
  • Worked on an editing project for Dr. Andrew Smith of Carson-Newman University of a text to be featured in an Oxford published textbook.

Repair Experience

  • Riding lawn mower blade and deck replacement
  • Small engine repairs (i.e. leaf-blower, hedge trimmers, edge trimmer)
  • Minor plumbing experience
  • Multiple years of IT and, more specifically, computer repair and maintenance
  • Large engine repair (specifically replacing fuel line, pump, and filter)
  • Appliance Repair (i.e. dish washers, ovens, fridge, dryer, and washing machine)


  • Carson-Newman University Dean’s List Spring 2020


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Digital design
  • Programming
  • Video games
  • Some music development
  • Learning
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Here is on of my favorite pictures from when I worked in the Sports Production staff for Carson-Newman University in 2013! I was the only operator who stayed to work the cameras that day in the pouring rain.