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Hello there, my name is Vikshay Vuthavadoo. I am a York University student. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology with honours. I chose ITEC because of the love that I have always had for all things technology, specifically computers.


My special skills are related to technologies. I am mostly skillful with software such as Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SAP. I also have some hardware skills as well, since I have built my Gaming PC and I tinker with it every so often.


My hobbies are to learn more about Microsoft Excel and play games on my gaming pc. From time to time, I go on Youtube and search up excel videos such as "how to use custom number formatting in excel" or "how to make excel macros", which I find that they enable me to do my work effectively.

Project Goals:

This project would help me learn, practice and apply my analytical thinking and reading, writing clear descriptions and explanations. Thinking of how to show my work for people to be able to understand it very clearly.