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I've been doing various repairs with a buddy of mine for about 8 months now. He's been at it for several years now and taught me enough to start that I've gone crazy with the repair bug. I got my first taste of repairs on Xbox 360 reflows and quickly moved away from that once I realized they were undependable.

Things have moved fast, and I've been offering repairs locally and on eBay as well as buying broken electronics locally and becoming a sole proprietor with solid plans for a future partnership with my buddy. Currently I/we repair Smartphones, Ipods Classic/Touch, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, NES, Nintendo DS, PSP, Digital cameras, and exactly one flat screen TV. The one TV will be my last...

We have a very nice website up and are planning on opening a store in a couple of years when we're out of the Marines. I'm not here to advertise though, I just appreciate the guides and community.

I personally can't wait, because I like this stuff and especially like being my own boss.

Future plans include expanding into BGA Reballing (once I can afford a quality machine), and buying more specialized tools. A desolderer, capacitance tester, micro soldering equipment for the small logic board connectors on all this stuff, and much much more.

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