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Hello! My name is Aj Maynes. I am a senior at Washington State University with a major in marketing management. I’ve found marketing to be a great fit because you get a bit of everything. I find everything interesting, so it works.



 I aspire to too many things and rearrange my priorities as I go. I aspire to be a standup comedian, windsurfer, screenwriter, as well as an entrepreneur, successful employee for an advertising agency, and a CEO. With regard to marketing, my dream is to produce ad campaigns for organizations seeking to bring about positive change in the world. With regard to business, my goal is to spread good business by learning through trying, working my butt off, being always honest, and giving back everything I learn in a consulting capacity when my hair turns gray or falls out.


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''My greatest learning experience so far has been my time as a manager at Dutch Bros Coffee. As a manager, I’ve learned how to compartmentalize and wear many hats. I’ve been an advocate, facilitator, mechanic, student, and friend. I’ve helped customers and coworkers talk through hurt feelings, fixed espresso machines, ice machines, blenders, and camera systems, and I’ve transitioned a shop to a frictionless transaction system during a global pandemic.

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My latest accomplishments I’m proud of are the work I’ve been doing in my backyard, winning “best team award” for Carson College of Business Spring 2020 Small Business Capstone, and teaching my six-month puppy how to shake hands (or paws).

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This project will help me produce professional materials. This will help me communicate complex ideas in short and simple terms. Familiarizing myself with existing guides and providing critical feedback will also sharpen my language skills.


When I’m not bouncing between work and school, I like to take my puppy on hikes, grill in the backyard, and make music.


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Nice to meet you!

Thanks for looking at my profile! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Here is a picture of my pup.

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