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Hello iFixit community,

My name is Brian and I am currently a senior at the University of Memphis working toward a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology (manufacturing).

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I work full-time for a building manufacturer as a Product Specialist, which means I’m involved with existing product improvements as well as the development of new products, including standard part drawings and application guidelines.

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Working as a structural steel fabricator in my younger days gave me hands-on experience, which helped me excel as an Engineering Technician detailing the building structures and drafting all required drawings for production and erection of building orders. A detailer makes sure the building goes up; a designer makes sure it doesn’t come down.

My hobbies include wood working and do-it-yourself projects.  For my latest project I made my own bed… literally. In my leisure time I enjoy playing guitar and kayaking.

I am a member of a local nature conservancy and participate in many of the volunteer programs. I believe in protecting our natural resources and love being able to participate in iFixit’s mission. Nothing gets thrown away in my house; I still enjoy watching my old VHS tapes.