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Email: | Instagram: @cahsten | Twitter: @thecfrau

Repairability Engineer at iFixit

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Hey! I’m Carsten Frauenheim, and I started at iFixit in 2020 as a Tech Writer, then on to a Senior Tech Writer, and now a Repairability Engineer! Modern personal technology is constantly changing—and I’m so stoked to be on the forefront of its investigation! I write helpful repair guides and contribute to iFixit’s online ecosystem, making the tech world a better place one word/picture/sarcastic comment at a time.

More recently, I’ve been working with companies to assess their devices and products in terms of repairability, problem-solving every step of the way!

Education & Experience

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I graduated in 2019 from the best school in the entire world Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. During my stint there I gained an incredibly satisfyingly deep understanding of the way the world works, and how to explain it to others with thorough documentation and simplicity. I enjoyed this aspect (enter tech writing) and now I get to do it all day long! Near the end, I helped design and build the world’s fasted solar-powered train! I currently hold my EIT certification.

I’ve always loved fixing my own gadgets and the casual deep-dive into problem-solving rabbit holes, so I’m truly excited to have an outlet.

More About Me

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When I’m not working (checking Craig’s How To Unclog A Toilet guide for spelling mistakes), I love to do a lot of things!

These are, but are not limited to: exploring the beautiful central coast, petting my cat, taking photos, playing board games, playing poker, drinking wine, camping, looking at cars I can’t afford on Craigslist, watching Vince Gilligan’s TV shows, building way too many computers, and traveling the world with my wife!

Favorite Fixes

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I loved writing the Xbox Series X repair guides, the guide on how to fix bent CPU pins, and contributing to the curation of the largest medical repair database in the entire world. Bam!

Techy things I enjoy:

  • AirDrop
  • Manual transmissions
  • Quite literally anything that’s not FaceID
  • iPhone minis
  • RC cars
  • My MazdaSpeed3

Ensuring Quality Repair Information on iFixit

The Technical Writing team works hard to make iFixit the best source for repair. Learn more about the content review process that makes it possible.

Thanks for sticking around, and happy fixing!

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