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  • The Citadel - Military Institute of South Carolina
  • Civil Engineering — I love to build and challenge myself with real world problems
  • Navy Special Warfare — I aspire to be a Navy Special Warfare officer, specifically Navy SEALs or EOD.
  • Skills— I am well versed in several engineering programs (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, MathCAD)
  • Projects - Currently I am working with the Civil Engineering Department for The Citadel as a Work Study Student. I am also working on engineering, building, and testing a concrete canoe to compete against other schools.
  • Repair Aspirations - I would love to fit a VW Type 2 van and replace the engine with either a Subaru or Porsche.
  • Accolades - I have received various awards and scholarships from the Civil Engineering department and the NROTC Unit at The Citadel.
  • Groups- I am an NCAA Rifle marksman, a current rank holder in the NROTC Unit at The Citadel, and I am the leader of the Backpacking Women’s Club
  • Hobbies— I love to surf, free dive, scuba dive, skimboard, longboard, paint and draw.
  • iFixit Project relation to me— I am sure that completing this project will give me more experience and problem solving skills.