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Hi, my name is Peiran Wang, you can call me Peiran. I’m a first year master student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University.

My interest in Civil and Environmental Engineering begins when I was in high school. The air quality in my hometown is not good enough. Many outdoor activities were canceled due to the PM2.5. At that time, I decided to do something for a better environment. Then I chose CEE as my major in my undergraduate study. I've learned basic water treatment and air pollution treatment technologies through my courses.

I have a few repair experiences and am excited to learn more through the iFixit project. I have fixed my own PC, my bike and some other equipments in my home. When I was in my undergraduate study, I always fixed problems with my laboratory equipments. Furthermore, I’m a fan of LEGO and I prefer MOC my own works.


  • Time management
  • AutoCAD
  • Premier
  • Photoshop

Repair Experience:

  • PC system replacement
  • PC battery/hard disk replacement
  • Bike repair
  • LEGO repair


  • Movies
  • Saxophone
  • Comics