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I’m a mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. I chose mechanical engineering because I enjoy building/design projects, and I aspire to work on significant engineering projects in the future. I am not sure exactly what industry I hope to work in (biomedical, aerospace, automotive, etc.), but I do know that I want to work on projects that make a positive impact on society.

My current skills are limited, including just basic machine shop skills, soldering, etc., but they will grow over the course of my time at Cal Poly. One project I’ve made that I’m proud of was a phone holder for my car to allow for easier/safer GPS navigation while driving. A future project on my radar is learning how to fix a broken solar-powered phone charger that I have.

I belong to Cal Poly’s Engineering Ambassadors and to the Society of Women Engineers. Additionally, I’m a part of Team Tech, which is a group that works on a year-long industry-sponsored project. When I’m not involved in these activities, I enjoy playing tennis and snowboarding.

This project relates to me both personally and professionally. Personally, I enjoy learning how to fix things and gaining confidence in this area so I can go about my life better enabled to fix things that may break. Professionally, this is a good opportunity to improve my technical writing and communication skills, as well as gaining experience working on a multistep project in a team.

Some fun facts about me are that I’m from Boulder, Colorado but have spent every Christmas of my life in St. Louis, Missouri. Additionally, I’m proud to be a very fast typist— the highest speed I’ve reached is 120 wpm.