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I had the privilege of working as an iFixit SEO Content Writer during the summer of 2020. During my time at iFixit, I wrote content (background and repair-relevant information) for over 400 devices ranging from 3D printers to engines to iMacs to Fairphones to Roombas to Smart Home Devices to tools. And, while you might not consider them devices, I even got to write about things like fire and butterflies.

In addition to writing informative content, I also enjoy laughing at my own jokes. Sometimes I even include a few particularly bad ones in my writing. (See Miscellaneous Skills, Household Item, Home Construction, and Flashlight Repair for some less technical writing of mine.)

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Through both my work at iFixit and technological endeavors on my own time, I’ve become passionate about learning how electronics work, taking them apart, and learning to fix them. This same “but how does it work?" mindset is part of what drove me to study engineering. It was a combination of this curiosity and a desire to build really cool things (heavily inspired by Mark Rober) that wound me up studying mechanical engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California.

I’m passionate about engineering design, building things, and, of course, fixing things. I plan on taking all of these skills with me on my journey to becoming a design engineer on something that I find, well, awesome. I also want to make sure whatever I’m doing is good for humankind and good for the planet, too.

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Some of the cool things I’ve worked on so far are a car phone holder (made out of cardboard, of course) and a phone-controlled, wooden LED lamp (inspired by Fix This Build That).

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On a more professional note, I’ve worked on a couple of company-sponsored design projects through an on-campus club called Team Tech. Outside of making cool things, I’m a Team Tech Board Member and Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers Officer, as well as a member of Cal Poly Engineering Ambassadors. When I’m not involved in these activities, I enjoy playing tennis and snowboarding.