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Hi there! My name is Molli Reeder and I am a senior in the Professional Communications and Emerging Media program with Applied Journalism.

So, why PCEM?

I have always loved writing and knew that I should make a passion of mine into my career. I hope to become a fashion magazine editor or columnist. PCEM offers a variety of jobs so I know that no matter what, I’ll end up doing something fun and interesting throughout my career!

You got skills?

I enjoy editing videos and creating content online, designing an array of documents such as marketing materials or postcards.


At a previous college, I was a part of establishing a fashion and beauty column within the school’s paper and it was so amazing to see it all come to life!

Repair Experience

I always helped my dad out with small fixes around the house and worked on some cars. I would like to learn how to repair a computer if it’s a bit older to give it some more life!

Groups & Memberships

I am a Life At Stout Story Teller, creating vlogs for prospective students and helping them gain an insight on what it is like to be a student at the university. I am also a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority and have held a public relations position.


I love to thrift, go plant shopping, learn new songs on the ukulele and piano, I enjoy singing as well as hanging out with my family and friends and being around in nature!

How this Experience Will Help

I believe that learning a new skill is always a beneficial thing, for you never know when you may need it!

Something a little fun

I LOVE to travel, so anytime I can squeeze in a mini vacation, I will!