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I am a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying Aerospace Engineering. I chose to be an Aerospace Engineer because I am very interested in the space industry and I love to build stuff. My top goal would be to graduate from this university with a degree. After that I would enter the field as an engineer. After some time I would love to apply to become an astronaut. My dream is to travel beyond earth.

My skills include: Weld, solder, operate a lathe, band saw, table saw, and various hand tools. On the more technical side I have a background in computer programming (Java, matlab). Microsoft Excel and Word proficient.

I have built many different things in my life. I built my own desktop computer that I use to play games and do work on. I built and designed the ball intake system on my high school robotics teams robot in 2016. Building the robot in general every year in high school was a very enjoyable experience.

In terms of what I have fixed, I fix whatever things I have lying around my house that is damaged, this ranges from video game controllers, to my little sisters stuffed animals. I’ve fixed my roomate’s desktop. His power supply was broken and needed replaced.

I play a lot of sports and I’ve gotten a few awards through those but nothing that would apply to this programs uses.

I am the president of the ERAU swim club. I was also part of the FRC robotics challenge back in high school which was run through the robotics club.

My hobbies range from bird watching, and swimming to video games and sleeping. I’ve been at ERAU for a few years now and i haven’t had much time to do many other hobbies besides video games and swimming. I would really love to get back into some of the hobbies I had back in high school like bug collecting and bird watching.

I very much agree with the idea of this website. I love the message and the mission that iFixit has. Why throw away a perfectly good item just because it doesn’t function, why not spend a little time and money to fix it! Not only is that good for the earth but its also good for the people doing the fix. They learn things that they otherwise might not have known.

Last but not least, here are some random facts about me: I have a pet snake I caught when I was five, my favorite food is mac n’ cheese, I play waterpolo, and I still enjoy building LEGO sets.