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Hello! My name is German Cardenas-Caceres and i am currently a junior attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. I am studying Aeronautics here with a minor in weather. I am also working on receiving my commercial pilot license.

I hope that I can one day work with the airlines and fly to different places around the world. With my knowledge of weather, I can make sure that when I am in the cockpit, I would be able to make safe decisions based on the weather of a particular day, even if it is an unfavorable one.

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Here I am checking the fuel levels on a Cessna 172 during my preflight check.

Between school, flight training, and working a part time job, I haven’t found the time to participate in any school organizations. I do however, like to stay active and play soccer with my friends one day out of the week.

From this project, I want provide not only a new guide for IFIXIT users to reference, but I want to improve my own skills when it comes to repairing stuff. In the future, if I were to get a maintenance license for aircraft, I want to be able to use my experience here and apply it.