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Hello! My name is Justin Brown. I am a sophomore at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and I study Spaceflight Operations with a concentration on Operational Science and Technology. One day, I hope to have a job which would allow me to contribute to the future of human space exploration. I have always been interested in space, especially since my family used to live in Orlando so we would see all of the space shuttle launches. Space is fascinating to me because of the unknown and the curiosity to what is out there that we as humans have not discovered yet. Even if we never discover what the darkness contains, I hope to make a contribution so future generations can learn what is out there.

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 I do not have much repair experience, but I hope that through iFixit repairs I can learn more. I would like to learn more about engines and their inner workings by working with my dad on our cars during breaks.

Last semester, I took part in a class wide project to develop a payload recovery system for a rocket launching in Summer/ Fall 2020. I worked as part of the documentation team where we constructed the report and presentation, as well as organized our class notes and calculations.

Since third grade and all throughout middle school and high school, I have not missed a day of school. At graduation, I was recognized and presented with a perfect attendance award which proudly hangs in my room.

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I belong to the track and field team here at Embry Riddle. I currently throw javelin and discus and I am working on getting my mile time down. Last year, I walked on for javelin after training all summer. Since I had played baseball since I can remember, javelin came pretty naturally to me. I have also been running since seventh grade and it is one of my passions and hobbies.