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USF Manatee/Online


I am pursuing a degree in Professional Technical Communications as I am interested in writing more legislation to assist victims of violent crimes and in need of social services.


I Intend to improve to restructure and build upon the current social service structures we have in America as well as other countries.


I have excellent public speaking skills and thrive under pressure. I have experience in working with various countries around the world on numerous social service issues and creating solutions for those situations. I also have experience creating effection proposals and writing legislation that has been passed in Congress.


- Writing The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Training Act

- Counseling the New Zealand government and police force on the issue of human trafficking.

- Florida Gang Specialist and Anti-Human Trafficking Expert certifications

- Published my first work 12/31/2019 titled Subconsciously Conscious

Repair experience

I’ve fixed small items at home ie. flat tire, rip in jeans, etc. but never anything technical. I’ve fixed situations and gaps in legislation, but again not anything technical.


Not that I’m aware of!


Other than my gym, no not currently.


Go to the gym, run, paint, go to the shooting range, and hang out with my husband and dog Redding.

How does this project relate to you?

I’ll learn a new skill, stretch myself, and fix something.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?

I have a red and white pitbull named Redding. I use to fight MMA professionally in CA. I come from a circus family that immigrated from Italy to Sarasota with the Ringling Brother’s Circus. I really love authentic Thai food and my favorite drink as Starbucks is a double dirty, vanilla, soy chai.