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Hi, my name is Maria Stock and I am a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


At UW-Stout, I am majoring in Professional Communications & Emerging Media with a concentration in Journalism. I am also a member of UW Stout catholic and apart of a national service sorority and fraternity, Gamma Sigma Sigma. I chose this major because of my love for writing and communicating with people about different ideas and topics.


After college, I would like to pursue a career in public relations and/or marketing/advertising. I would love to work with an amazing company like Ashley Furniture and maintain a positive public image for their company.


Strong written and verbal communication skills

Active listener

Team lead

Time Management


Greek week chairman


In my free time, I love finding new thrift shops in town and going thrift shopping. I also really like going on walks when it is nice out and hiking. Reading is my favorite past time, along with watching the bachelor with my friends.