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Hi, my name is Carlton Osinde Makini and allow me to introduce myself as Mr.Fresh Prince aha.


I am a 3rd year Information Technology honors student at York University. I have a deep passion for technology and I am constantly looking for new ways to utilize technology to solve world problems. Especially for my home country, Kenya.


I see myself working in the tech field as a Director or CIO, I enjoy leadership roles that bridge the ingenuity of technology and the ability to innovate with the purpose of solving a problem.


I am a big fitness enthusiast so the next best place to find me outside of the library or my work station is the gym. I am a firm believer in taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health in order to be more successful in your life goals. With a rigorous workout comes a healthy diet so I enjoy spending some of my weekends polishing up on my mom’s signature dishes or trying out new recipes I see online. Last but not least, I am a social butterfly so I enjoy outings and spending time with friends and family.

Groups and Memberships

I am a member of a few organizations to name a few; National Society Of Black Engineers, Project Management Institute, South Western Ontario Chapter and a huge hackathon enthusiast.

What I look forward to about this project?

I look forward to collaborating with my classmates and learning the essential skills in researching and writing in the Technical field. I believe these skills are very marketable and will allows us to graduate with an edge over our competitors.