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Hi, my name is Mark Urso! I am an Unmanned Aircraft Systems major with a minor in Business Administration.

I aspire to work for an aerospace company with a strong division focused on unmanned systems. I want to assist my community or U.S. military operations overseas. I am interested in conducting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) work with unmanned aircraft.

About Me

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This picture is during maintenance of a Pulse Aerospace Vapor 55 during my internship of Summer 2019.

For three months over the summer of 2019 I worked as an intern for an unmanned utility company called Phoenix Air Unmanned. We were contracted with flying over 2,300 miles of power lines across the midwest performing inspections for Xcel Energy. I was tasked with mission planning over 500 miles of power lines for our aircraft and also served as a flight support specialist in the field. I worked alongside a pilot in a two man flight team preparing the aircraft and landing sites.

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This is a shot from my time playing Division 1 lacrosse at Cleveland State University. Our season opener was against Michigan State University.

The sport of lacrosse is my deepest passion in which I devote most of my spare time to. My career began in 8th grade and has been very rewarding. I spent my freshman year playing at a first team Division 1 program playing against some of the best competition in the nation, This experience has helped me land where I ended up here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Here, I have been a two year captain and enjoy competition against Division 2 teams.

Repair Experience

I have experience with performing on-site maintenance to a fully weighted unmanned aircraft. This experience was limited to menial repairs on the aircraft because I lacked the training and credentials to perform mechanical repairs.

I enjoy the art of fashion and have experience designing crafting and cleaning clothing and footwear to achieve a desired and appealing look. I often spend time cleaning leather, suede, and other fabrics of shoes.