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I am a full time student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I am majoring in aerospace engineering because I love all things aviation and aerospace. There’s just something about being a pilot of an aircraft or designing things related to aircraft that is so interesting and exciting.

My main goal is to graduate college and commission into the United States Air Force as an officer. I want to earn a rated pilot spot and fly aircraft for the Air Force. I am a very dedicated and hardworking individual who aspires to be the greatest I can be.

I have finished a design project where my partner and I designed a suitcase in CATIA and then remodeled it by making it have a skateboard feature. In high school I was part of a project to develop fire fighting drones which was awesome. It was only theoretical however and not tested. I’ve learned how to fix things like my cars air filter, and other things around the house.

I received a type two Air Force high school scholarship and other financial aid such as a provost scholarship. I am a member of the Gaetz Aerospace Program (GPA), and ERAU Rock climbing club. I love to exercise, rock climb, and play all sports in my free time.

This project will benefit me because I will gain experience on how to deal with a problem and fix it correctly. This project will help me learn how to follow a manual because it is very hard to read instructions today and few people do. It will help me professionally on how to correctly solve a problem in a correct format and make it easy to replicate.

Some fun facts about me is that I have a lot of hidden talents. I can yo-yo, make balloon animals, do some magic tricks, and other things. I also have three dogs, a cat, and a pet parakeet.