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I am currently a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying Aerospace Engineering. My hope is to secure a position as a shuttle engineer over time with NASA after graduation. I am very interested in assisting those around me in becoming better at skills I have and are able to share. My specific skill set includes mostly small-time repairs on mechanical systems, but the knowledge for those are broad and allow me to see well into other areas as well.

Besides studies, my hobbies consist of coding, skate boarding, and playing soccer. Of my three main hobbies, soccer is definitely my favorite past time though. I thoroughly enjoy playing with a team and giving my best to ensure out success. My most notable achievement was when I was elected as an All-State player in 2019.

Currently at Embry, I am a member of the Project Thetis research group. Our goal is to collect micro-plastics from the beaches autonomously. I am involved in this because, much like my interest in making a guide for IFixit, I enjoy problem solving and making something to benefit others as the know-how has benefited me.