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My name is Matt Carreon, I am currently a senior at California State University, Chico, and I’m majoring in Business Administration with an option in Finance. I’ll be graduating May 2020 and working at an accounting firm in the bay area after graduation. I’m hoping to become a data scientist and also teach programming later on.

Repair Experience

I don’t have a lot of repair experience, but I’ve fixed my gamecube controller after its joystick was not working correctly by taking it apart and messing around with the joystick piece. I also like to take apart electronics that I have to see inside and figure out how they work.


I’ve done a few data analysis projects through and also made a facebook chat bot using python that I put in my group chats with friends. We use it to send us random memes in the chat and it can send us stock data by sending a command with the stock ticker.


I enjoy learning and trying new things! I play guitar, skateboard, program, and try to keep learning new things in my free time.


  • Python (pandas, numpy)
  • Excel