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General Information About Myself:

·         Currently, I attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and am a freshman studying mechanical engineering.

·         I chose to major in mechanical engineering because I wanted a career field that would teach me all about math and science and how to apply those subjects to real world technological applications. I picked mechanical engineering over other engineering disciplines because it is the most versatile and has the broadest potential or jobs and projects.

Future Aspirations:

·         As a current cadet in Air Force ROTC, my main future aspiration is to commission into the Air Force. Upon commissioning I would like to go to Undergraduate Pilot Training and learn to fly for the military. My dream would be to fly fighter jets.

Skills Acquired:

·         CAD (especially CATIA and Autodesk Inventor)

·         Use of the Engineering Design Process to solve problems

·         Customer Service

·         Basic woodworking and CNC skills

·         Reverse engineering

Block Image

**Picture: Me holding a North Carolina cutout I helped to make in the shop using the CNC machine.

Projects and Accomplishments:

·         3D modeling a hair dryer in CATIA after reverse engineering it and measuring all the parts.

·         Building an experimental prototype of a rotating power storage device designed to run only on permanent magnets

·         Designing device for left-handed writers to prevent smudging while writing on white boards, paper, and other writing mediums

·         Using a kit engine to motorize a regular bicycle

·         Using a woodshop to build my own bed

Block Image

**Picture: An inside look at our final hair dryer assembly in CATIA

Repair Experience:

                I have repaired things or helped my father repair things many times throughout my life. However, many of the things I have worked on have been mechanical in nature (i.e. fixing a project prototype or working on a car). I have very little experience fixing or building anything electronic. I would like to learn how to repair electronics (especially computers and laptops) and replace their most unreliable or vulnerable components. I would also be interested in learning how to fix smartphones.


·         Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Dean’s List (as of fall 2019)

·         US Air Force ROTC scholarship recipient

·         Silver medal from SkillsUSA for left-handed writing device mentioned above

·         All ‘A’ Honor Roll member all throughout high school


·         Air Force ROTC (2019)

·         Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society (2017)

·         National Honor Society (2017)

·         National Technical Honor Society (2017)


·         Playing the guitar

·         Working in the woodshop

·         Working on cars or anything else mechanical

Project Relation to Me:

                Part of being an engineer is learning to write professionally and concisely. Unfortunately, I tend to write with a very complicated and wordy structure. Completing this project will help me to learn how to write technically, in a way that will be helpful for my entire career. Learning to write more concisely will also help me personally, as it will keep me from creating personal correspondence that is extremely long and difficult to understand.

Fun Facts:

·         I have a twin brother

·         I am from Raleigh, NC

·         I’ve been in the control room of a nuclear reactor while the reactor was brought online