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Hi, I’m Helen and I’m a third year student at York University studying Information Technology.


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I chose to switch majors to IT because I felt that Finance wasn’t really the right suit for me and I wanted to study something related to computer science.


My goal in life is to finish my degree and continue to study coding some more and hopefully get a related job somewhere in the future. I would like to move out of town and become independent. Other than that I don’t have many dreams or aspirations.


I haven’t been really built anything on my own except a couple of java projects.

Repair Experience


How This Project Relates To Me

I’m sure learning how to fix a laptop will give me some related experience in this field.

Additional Information

What else is there to say about me? I’m not that interesting. I would say my hobbies include youtube, tumblr, twitter and wasting time…

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I’m into like aesthetics.

Bonus Fact: I’m a really good dancer, which most people don’t know.