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  • School: York University
  • Major— Information Technology. I always like studying languages. And I thought “Why not computer programming?”
  • Aspirations—Data Scientist
  • Skills—Programming(R,Python, SAS,Java), Statistical Analysis(I have done projects involving Logic Regression, Decision Tre, Market Basket Analysis), Project Management and Organizational Skill.
  • Projects/accomplishments— I have also obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in BA before.
  • Repair experience—I havent really took the laptop into parts to fix it but I have done quite a number of troubleshooting on my computers, my friends’s and at work.
  • Hobbies—Id like reading and watching documentaries.
  • How does this project relate to you?—I have never took computer apart to fix it but this would be my chance to try out my skill.
  • Any other (fun) facts you’d like to add?— Im Japanese Beginner.