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Hi, my name is Noora Al-loos , I am A student at York University in Toronto and I work at loblaws Company in Oakville.

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  • York University
  • Information technology


I dream to become a professional programmer and work with big companies in the industry.


  • excel , Powerpoint , and HTML.
  • Creating surveys, and research skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communication: as I work in customer service.


  • Repair experience—I have fixed I phone broken screen and I love to learn more about fixing I phones and laptops more.
  • know how to work on checkout from regular , self checkout, or online orders on AirPods, and know how to fix many problems in them.


  • in my free time I like to watch YouTube specially videos about devices reviews and experiments on phones and laptops, also I like to walk and visit new places, also I like to cook and try new recipes for keto and low carb diets.

* fun facts about me—I love to be makeup artist beside my major.