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My name is Michael Rinaldi and I joined the iFixit community as part of my writing course that I am currently taking at my university.


I am an undergraduate student student at York University studying in the field of Information Technology. I am currently in my final term at university so I am very eager to finish up and apply my years of learning in the workforce.

In 2016, I graduated at Seneca College where I received a diploma studying in the field of Business.


With my education I hope to become a System/Network Administrator where I can manage an organization’s technology infrastructure, install and manage new components, and troubleshoot if issues arise.

I also really enjoy developing websites, analyzing the code for errors, and maintaining already established ones so this could be another possible career path I may take with the knowledge I learned during my studies.


  • Languages (Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL)
  • Software (Microsoft Office, SAP, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Ubuntu))
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Fast and accurate typing with 70 WPM


Calculator GUI (Java)

  • Created a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Calculator using Java. The calculator was a 4-function calculator that displayed a screen to show all the previous and current calculations which could be cleared by selecting the clear button.

Input a Phrase Webpage (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

  • Created a website that allowed you to input a phrase under specific conditions using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. If the phrase conditions were met, the website would divide the phrase inputted by words and categorize them depending on what characters were contained in each word.

Repair Experience

Studying in the field of Information Technology at times leaves me very curious when working on computers and other pieces of technology. When something breaks or when something may just need an upgrade, I am always quick to order the parts I need and open the device up.

MacBook Pro 2012

  • 8 years later and it is still going strong! Recently I opened up my MacBook Pro to upgrade some of the components inside to give it that brand new feel again. I changed the original hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD) to allow it to read and write faster. I also upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 16GB to allow for better speed when multiple applications are running. Lastly, I replaced the battery for longer lasting life when unplugged.

PlayStation 4

  • A friend of mine was having issues with the disc drive on his PlayStation 4 as it was struggling to insert or eject a disc. I opened it up a noticed the plastic rollers that are used to pull the disc in and out fell off the track. I put them back together and inserted them where they belong. The disc drive started working as expected after the quick fix.

Xbox One Controller

  • A common issue with gaming controllers is the build up of dust and dirt inside that can occur over the time of having it. This build up can cause some buttons to stick or not work properly when pressed. An easy fix for this is simply by opening the controller up and removing each button or stick and cleaning it to remove any build up that has occurred.


  • Video Games
  • Watching TV
  • Playing Sports
  • Researching/Learning New Things
  • Travelling
  • Eating Food