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An energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any taste that I undertake. As a 2nd year IT student at York University I have come across many programming languages and learned much stuff like JAVA, HTML, MATLAB, etc. Always optimistic to learn new stuff.

I have a dream to be a businessman, love technology. Always try to figure out how devices work and operate. I have replaced my cellphone parts and fixed it properly by learning from youtube. I am very fond of technology, in today’s era world is coming with many innovative inventions and people like me are learning great things from it.

This is the first time I myself doing this kind of project which is really about fixing and repairing technical devices. By involving it to this will help me to learn how a device can operate, repairs and not be replaced by a new one. I will have a hand to hand practice with the devices and also learn how to write professionally.

I love reading motivational books like Think and grow rich.