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About Me

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School (Washington State University - Vancouver)

Junior, Computer Science - My interest in computers and programming extends from personal projects to school, where I would like to eventually combine my passions of music and programming.


The largest project I’ve done solo is essentially a neural network that learns to play a certain rhythm game based on a history of user replays. Built using C++ and Python, I’d eventually like to make it accessible from a webapp and obtain more training data.


I belong to the ACM-W at WSUV, where we’re currently working on studying common network security vulnerabilities. We’re also putting on a hackathon in Fall 2020 at WSUV!


I enjoy playing music and decompressing at home or at the Portland Japanese Garden. When I’m not working on school-work or work-work, you’ll probably find me hanging out with my dog and roommates or doing more work on a personal project.

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