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Hi my name is Soren Caraan and I am a student at York University.


My major is Information Technology. I choose to be in Information Technology because I want to create a world where technology can help improve everyone’s lives. I have some experience with coding and I have built a kind of robot using soldering iron, a circuit board and some wires. I like spending my spare time by myself.


  • Programming (Java and Fortran)

Here are some programs I have built:


Block Image


Block Image


I think I can benefit from my project, since I am a very resourceful person. I like to search on the internet and use other sources to help anyone I can. The only fun fact about me is that I like to geek out over gadget specifications (mainly phones) such as “120 hertz refresh rate”, “AMOLED vs LCD screens,” or “security biometrics, like an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.”