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Hi, my name is Salman Hersi. I’m currently a student at York University


At York University, I’m studying and hoping to achieve a degree in Bachelors of Commerce, Information Technology. My interest in technology started when I was young. I’ve always found interest in playing around with computers and different types of tech. My desire to learn more about this field really solidified when I started to have fun helping others fix their IT problems.


In the future, I want to use the knowledge I’ve learned to help people see tech as something that can make their lives easier. I hope to become multi-faceted in sense where any problem that arises I can use technological tools and systems to solve it easily.


Creating a computer from scratch - As a young teen, I was able to use the knowledge I have of computers to build a system from scratch. It took my 4 months to save up money for parts and finally build my rig.

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Repair Experience

Over the years, I had a chance to help many of my neighbours and friends with their tech/computer related problems. Most of the tasks consisted of setting up new devices, clean and restoring computers, and internet troubleshooting.


  • Learning
  • Video Editing and Graphic Design
  • Gaming
  • Basketball