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  • York University Information Technology - I have always been interested in learning how technology works whether its physical or virtual (Software).
  • BI Developer- For the past 2 years I have been studying to become a Business intelligence developer by taking courses in my field and getting Microsoft certifications outside of school.
  • Repair experience— I have attempted to replace the battery on my old iPhone a few years ago. While I did succeed replacing the battery I managed to damage the screen connector and unfortunately broke the phone in the process. It was definitely a learning experience and has lead me to respect those that can repair hardware more!
  • Hobbies—I enjoy video games, sports, working out, spending time with my bunnies, and exploring Toronto!
  • How does this project relate to you?— I believe this project will help me fine tune my instructional writing skills and help improve my attention to detail.
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  • Projects/accomplishments— I’ve built my own desktop a few years ago and have been updating its parts ever since!
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  • Hobbies— This is an image from 2016 when I was the in-game leader/captain of the League of Legends team representing York in California for the finals that we won!

My adorable buns!

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