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School - York University

Major - Information Technology. I chose this major because my passion in computer systems and the job prospects in this field.

Aspirations - I want to become a Web Developer. My dream is to do freelance in the future, making responsive websites that I’m passionate about.

Skills - Strong work ethic, exceptional communication, adept problem solver.

Repair Experience - I did basic troubleshooting techniques on tech devices I have at home e.g Iphone 6, Galaxy s8.

Accolades - Waterloo Math Award (2016), Computer Science Engineering Scholarship (2017)

Hobbies - I like to watch the news to be constantly aware of whats happening around me. Also, I like to play basketball and enjoy mother nature.

Project - This project will help me gain skills to convey accurate information to solve the needs of readers.

Fun Facts - I own every pair of Jordans. Cant live life without lasagne.