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Hey there! My name is Krushnam Badami

  • School- York University
  • Major- Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)
  • Aspirations- I love to help out people in need.
  • Skills- I think m good at user interface designs
  • Projects/accomplishments- we made a used book buy/sell app for one of our courses.
  • Repair experience- I like to make good useful things out of the waste. I did some restoration on my childhood toys and also did some charing cable repairing.
  • Hobbies- I love to travel, the world may seem too small but it’s huge, every corner has a lesson to learn and a story to get inspired.
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In summer 2019 I visited The Statue of Unity, which is the world's tallest statue.

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I am an amateur mobile photographer, took this photo at Algonquin Park. what a beautiful place for camping.

  • How does this project relate to you?- Very excited to work with iFixit to fix things and save the environment.