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School: York University

Major: Honours B.Com Information Auditing - Because tech is interesting to me.

Aspirations: Very much wanting to become a database administrator. Networking is bomb man.

Skills: Currently working as a computer technician. May as well learn the trade before I *hopefully* get into DBA work. Also fixing tech sounds cool.

Projects/accomplishments: Custom water-cooling loop for computer with acrylic tubes. (I’ll try mineral oil one day) Custom keyboard (hot-swappable not soldered.. so one day I’ll make it there) and not much else..

Repair experience: Some soldering work, fixing small electronics. I don’t really know much.

Accolades: I have a diamond banner for LOL and platinum charms for Siege. Oh, for repair work you say? None. Zip, Zilch, Nada. One day maybe.

Groups/memberships: TechDoc at York University. And uhh… not much else. I ain’t no social butterfly yet. People scare me.

Hobbies: I play siege and league. But I don’t really have time to do much. Full time school and full time work life makes me really sad and tired and lonely and sleepy and hungry and.. you get it.

How does this project relate to you?: I was forced into doing this for a class that is required by my university for me to graduate my program. Also it sounds cool.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?: Did you know only two countries use purple in their national flag? BAHAHAH I didn’t. I just googled that up because I have no interesting facts about myself…..