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Hi, my name is Ryan Celzo and I’m a Bachelor of Commerce and Information Technology major here at York University.  With this degree, I wish to pursue a career in Systems Analysis hopefully with a company that innovates the next leading technology. Some skills I have include:

·       Gathering and organizing information to present in many ways

·       Identifying problems and coming up with possible solutions

·       Communicating with others efficiently and effectively

·       Repairing and taking apart technology such as laptops, consoles, etc.

·       Leadership skills

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Projects I’m most proud of are building a pc for light gaming, video editing, and various schoolwork. I am also proud of repairing my old dell laptop using many resources as a guideline to the success of the repair.

This project will help me not only apply what I learn from iFixit when I repair my technology, but potentially add my own user help manual for others too! I am very passionate about technology and the future of technology to improve our daily lives.